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Broomfield Real Estate Agent: Negotiating in Contract Agreements

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home in Broomfield or any of the other Denver cities across the front range, the ability to move an offer on a piece of real estate to the final close is a skill that real estate agents must have to negotiate and get the best that they can for the client that they are working for. According to the National Association of Realtors what is at the top of importance for buyers is the successful negotiation skills of their agent, coming in right behind helping those clients find homes that meet their needs.

Broomfield area RealtorsAs a working agent in the Broomfield Westminster and north metropolitan areas, I have to stake my career on finding win-win agreements that make my clients happy. My financial success, and the future of my clients depend on my ability to offer great advice, solve issues, and anticipate problems in the real estate environment that will lead  them to the closing table successfully with their best interests at the top of all concerns. Negotiating, as easy as it sounds, can be a lot more involved than one might think. Without practice, most people are not good at it. Negotiating win-win agreements on real estate without giving in is a skill that is developed with training and experience over time.

Although we have seen quite a bit of improvement in the sales prices of real estate in Broomfield and the restof the Denver area, being greedy can backfire for sellers if they are not careful. On some properties we are seeing multiple offers, most of these are discounted properties or homes that are in great condition in great areas with an outstanding school system and easily reached shopping and restaurant amenities. One thing that I tell my clients is that the negotiation process will not benefit from their emotions or opinions, and that, I as their agent, serve as a messenger of the facts.

Broomfield Colorado real estatePart of managing an offer is to deal with the seller’s expectations, and the seller must understand that the offer that comes in may be the only one at that moment. If they are not willing to come down a little, then the message sent out to the buyer is that they are not willing to work with buyers, and they may not be realistic in the value of their home. The seller needs to enter into the buyer’s realm to make the negotiation successful. Being objective is a must for any agent, and explaining and working toward keeping the client, whether they arebuying or selling, objective and informed is the goal.

A real estate agent’s duties in negotiating is to have the best interests and expectations of the client at foremost. Being prepared in knowing the interest of the client and understanding the client’s goals. Where are they willing to negotiate to, and where is their standing ground on things? Listening to the other agent and their party is a great way to become informed and to find out as much as possible about them.

The process itself usually goes quite quickly. Staying calm and relaxed is a great guideline to follow, and paying  attention to the needs of the other party that you are negotiating with is an indicator of whether you will reach agreement or walk away with indifference.

Reaching middle ground is a lot more successful when each side acknowledges that it takes inching toward one another to make that happen. As an agent, I must ask the other agent and their client questions that make it easier to better understand their position in the whole thing. Being willing to leave and come back to the negotiating table is necessary sometimes, and I always explain to my clients that counteroffers are often part of the process. By counteroffering a middle range that falls between what the buyer wants and what the seller wants, both parties come into the middle range of negotiation, the price range that they are both comfortable with reaching an agreement on.

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