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Home Buyers in Denver with Disabilities Helpful Checklist

Residential Property in Denver for DisabledIf you are looking to purchase a home in Denver or any of the outlying areas, the Commission for People with Disabilities offers the minimum legal guidelines that are set for
a residential home for sale in Denver. The requirements that sets the necessary criteria for persons bound in wheelchairs must allow that a home listed as wheelchair accessible and provides use of a wheelchair is as follows:

Ramps: 8.33% grade of (1 in 12 ratio).
Width of Doorways Throughout: 32 inches Interior (minimum) & 36 inches Exterior (minimum)
Bathrooms: 32 inches doorway width.4′ X 4′ clear floor space (minimum) & 5′ diameter clear floor space for VA.If a shower is the only means of bathing, a 4′ X 4′ space is the VA requirement. Width of Hallways: 42 inches minimum and 48 inches minimum VA requirement.

If your Denver home listed does not meet all of the specifications then your Denver Realtor will list the home normally and they will make note in the remarks area of the listing if the house could be easily modified. In addition, any criteria that has been met can be included in the listing to help in the possible sale of your Denver home. For example, special cabinets or any other accommodations that have been modified to allow for a wheelchair bound person definitely should be added to that Denver property for sale to allow for a faster sale.

For more information please feel free to contact Denver Realtor Shaun Werkele and I will be glad to help you in any way that I can, whether you are thinking about listing a home for sale in Denver or any of the surrounding areas.

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